Rail service interrupted due to wrecked engine lying on track between Samasi and Malda station

Railway service was being interrupted due to a wrecked engine of the train lying on the railway line between Samasi and Malda station under the Katihar division, which was eventually removed from the track by the railway staff on Thursday morning.

It is known that on Wednesday night, an engine of Katihar-Malda Cord Demu train suddenly broke down between Samasi and Malda station, due to which the down-line railway service was completely stalled and many long distance travelling trains was halted at various stations.

This information was given in the Katihar division. Railway workers arrived at the spot after getting the news. In the morning, the rescue workers removed the broken down engine from the railway line and took it to Samasi station.
At the moment, the trains have started travelling as usual, but due to this incident, all the trains are running late due to their scheduled timings.

However, there is no response from Railway management about this.

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