Public Meeting Over Dengue To Be Held In Siliguri On Nov. 11

The threat of dengue refuses to cease in Siliguri and its adjoining areas. Amid this, news of people dying because of dengue symptoms has also made it to the headlines. In light of this, a public meeting is planned to be held in Siliguri on November 11, i.e., tomorrow.

It has been alleged that the friction between the Siliguri Municipality and the state health department has created troubles for the general public.

It has also been pointed out that private nursing homes and health officials have been looking out for their own profits even in the time of such crisis; which is why the Siliguri Welfare Organization decided to hold the public meeting in the city tomorrow. 

The President of the Siliguri Welfare Organization, Pulak Ganguly, shared that the meeting will be held at the Ramkinkar Hall at three o' clock in the afternoon tomorrow. All citizens of the city are invited to join the meeting.

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