Posters put up against Darjeeling Nursing School

Darjeeling, 14th August: A dispute has arisen over the local students of the hill after they did not get admission in the Nurse Training School in Darjeeling. Apart from the students who did not enroll, various organizations also protested with them after which, the political parties also demanded that the local students be given the opportunity. The GNLF Janchetna Sangrash Samity highlighted that only the students from the Hills should be given admission under the Darjeeling Hill's nursing quota. As a result of this protest, the Hill Nursing Recruitment has been stopped.

Staging their protest, a representative team of the committee put up posters at the Chowk Bazaar of Darjeeling accusing the faculty of enrolling only students from outside rather than the local students. They further stated that the admission was stopped only after there was a protest in the nursing school.

On the other hand, Tara Sundas, CPI (M) leader of Kalimpong, has also raised concerns over the problem of local students not getting admission to Darjeeling Nursing Training School. He further accused that despite the allotment of a special quota for the local students, non-local students are being admitted over the local students due to politics in the Hills.

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