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People horrified after Tarantula found in Falakata

Terror spread after a Tarantula spider was discovered in 2 Mile Kathmil area of Parangarpara zone of Falakata on Wednesday morning. The said tarantula spider was seen at Amar Sarkar’s house of near Falakata railway station area.

Amar Sarkar said that he was watching TV along with his family at his house this morning. At the time, the TV was broadcasting news on the Tarantula. All of them went out after hearing the dog’s barking. They saw outside that there was a big black spider, which looked like the Tarantula shown on TV. After this they locked it up in a vessel.

At the same time, locals of the area started crowding in Amar Sarkar’s house to see it. In this regard Ashish Mandal, a teacher of biology of Devgaon High School, said that seeing the picture, it does seem that it is a Tarantula. However, it is not possible to tell whether it is a tarantula or not, by not observing itself. Tarantula is poisonous.

Therefore it is right to stay away from it. Its likely not to die by its bite, but there could be a loss in the health of the body.


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