Parents protest in demand to arrange coaching classes in school itself

Based on the demand that school teachers will have to give tuitions or arrange to conduct coaching classes in the school itself, a memorandum was submitted by the members of the Guardian Forum, to Tapan Kumar Basu, School Observer (Secondary) in Siliguri Education District.

In the morning, members of the Guardian Forum initiated a rally from Bagajatin Park, Siliguri and reached in front if the office of School Observator (Secondary) of Siliguri Education District in Collegepara.

After this, they demanded that only teachers of the school be allowed to teach tuition or coaching classes should be arranged in the school. A memorandum was also given in support of this demand.

Today parents have told that for a long time we have been demanding this, but there is no benefit. The future of the students has become uncertain. They said that if the demand was not fulfilled, they would do a bigger movement.

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