Panchayat office closed in protest against incident of assaulting Panchayat member in Coochbehar

Panchayat members protested against the incident of assaulting Gudiyahati 1 number Gram Panchayat member of Coochbehar-1 number block by closing down the panchayat office. On Monday, Gudiyahati-1 number members of Gram Panchayat, protested in front of the Cooch Behar District Office in the demand for immediate arrest of the accused and handed over a memorandum to the District Magistrate.

It is stated that on November 16, the Trinamool Youth Congress supporters were accused of assaulting Gudiyahati-1 number Gram Panchayat member, Rinku Khatoon and her husband, Najir Hussain, in the Pilkhana market area. Right now Rinku Khatoon and her husband Najir Hussain are admitted to MJN Hospital.

Today against the same incident, Gudiyahati-1 and 2 number Gram Panchayat members protested against this by keeping the Panchayat office closed and a memorandum was handed over to the District Magistrate. Panchayat members say that in connection with the incident, a complaint was lodged in Kotwali police station, despite which the accused have still not been arrested. They said that till the accused are arrested, this agitation will continue.

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