One killed in horrific road accident, four seriously injured

One person died in a road accident near Haripur Kamakyaguri road near Rasikabil of Tufanganj in Coochbehar district, while four people were seriously injured. The injured were taken to Kamakhyaguri Hospital with the help of local people. After the incident, the mutilated was chopped off by a gas cutter in order to pull the body out.

In the details of the incident, it was told that on Tuesday afternoon an auto filled with people was going towards Kamakhyaguri, when a Santro car coming from the opposite direction near the area from Bochamari's Rasikabil collided with the auto, after losing its control.

After getting information about the incident, police and fire brigade reached the spot. The fire brigade staff cut the auto with the gas cutter and took out the dead body. On the other hand, the driver of the santro car escaped after the incident.

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