Officers who had gone to install the board of government scheme, end up facing opposition from farmers.

A group of the administration who had gone to fulfil the Chief Minister's dream to set up a helipad near the government land next to Bhorer Aalo and for some other government's work had to face the opposition and protest from the local people.

Local farmers protested with the help of the BJP's support, while putting up a sign board yesterday under the government rule on the land that has been yielding crops three times a year.

The farmers of the area say that for the last 40 years, about 200 families are living there in these fields by cultivating crops three times a year. In the presence of police administration, a few days ago land officers started measuring the land. At that time, the people came to know that a helipad will be constructed here. Yesterday when the sign board was set up to build that helipad, all the farmers gathered and started an agitation and protested against the police administration.

Farmers of the area told that if this land was snatched away from them, then they would starve to death. For 40 years, we have been cultivating here and we have got official government lease for this land.

On the other hand, BJP also joined the movement with the farmers. The farmer's leader of the BJP, Nagendra Sarkar, told that the farmers are skeptical about this scheme, in which a land that has been yielding them crops throughout the year is being taken away from them. Some people are saying that a helipad will be made, while some are saying that a cold storage house will be built here. This land belongs to the farmers and there are 200 families involved here. Regarding this issue, we will go to District Administrator. They also warned of a greater movement in this regard.

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