North Bengal Handicapped Rehabilitation Society visits Pooja Pandal with handicapped children

Like every year, this year, on behalf of North Bengal Handicapped Rehabilitation Society, handicapped children were taken to visit the Pooja Pandals. All the children under the leadership of the secretary of the organization Chandan Ghosh were taken to various Pooja Pandals of Siliguri to see the Goddess Durga.

On behalf of the institution, Nantu Pal told that it is everyone's right to enjoy the festival. For this reason, on behalf of the institution, all the handicapped children were taken to the puja pandals. During this time, the children seemed to be very happy and excited.

The members of the institution also ate food with the children. He said that our endeavor is to make these children understand about the pandals and the idols in their language so that they understand the importance of them.

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