Non availability of rabies vaccine again, protest at Government Medical College and Hospital in Cooch Behar

Due to the absence of rabies vaccine for a long time in the Government Medical College and Hospital of Cooch Behar, the patients are repeatedly protesting before the hospital.

Once again, one such a situation arose, and a protest was held by people from different places of the district.

When the patients went to close the gate of the outdoor department today, a dispute broke out between them and the hospital staff.

At the same time, after getting information about the incident, the Deputy Superintendent of the hospital reached the spot and controlled the situation.

Patients complain that they have to return to the hospital daily and then they get infuriated and have to return back. Even after standing in line from 2 o’clock in the night, there is no vaccine available.

More than 25 people do not receive any vaccine, due to which they have to face many problems. In this regard, patients again protested today.

Deputy Superintendent Jaydev Burman of Cooch Behar Government Medical College-Hospital said that this problem is happening in the entire district. All patients are being sent here, due to which there is a lack of vaccine. High officials will be consulted in order to ensure that the Rabies vaccine is more widely available.

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