No vehicle traces found after 14 days; Layers of mud accumulating in Teesta River

Siliguri, 23rd July (Shubhankar Paul)

14days have passed since the Sevoke Car Accident. The three people, who drowned into the river, are still missing. The Navy, NDRF and the local relief team are campaigning continuously in the area. Yet, no traces of the vehicle, which fell into the Teesta River, have been found.

The local residents told that if a material falls into the swiftly flowing Teesta River, then it is never found because the mud under the River gets accumulated continuously.

Meanwhile, the incessant rainfall and the landslides are also worsening the condition. The Jawans of NDRF mentioned that a fat layer of mud might have already accumulated on the vehicle after 14 days from the accident due to which the vehicle is not visible. The divers have been trying to find the vehicle inside the mud-covered cold waters of the river but in vain. Even, the magnets, scanners and cameras have not been successful in finding the vehicle.

The members of the relief team believe that the vehicle would be visible once the water level of the river decreases, but due to the significant rise in the water level, the NHPC have not been able to keep the gates shut. Meanwhile, 13 Naval Officers have been deployed for this rescue mission. The family members of the missing tourists travel to Sevoke’s Coronation Bridge in hopes of receiving news about the vehicle.  However, it is very difficult to determine the traces of the vehicle.

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