No Drinking Water In Coochbehar's Ward 8 Since 4 Months, Locals Enraged

Since the last four months, the Natunpally in Ward 8 of Coochbehar has been facing a crisis of drinking water in their area. Today, the workers of the Coochbehar Municipality came to fix the water pipe lines and had to face the protests of an angry crowd who had put a lock on the pump room. 

On receiving the news, Ward Councillor Archana Ojha reached the area; but she became the receiving end of the local's protests. The locals have alleged that they have not been getting the supply of drinking water from four months- because of which they have to encounter endless difficulties. 

The Chairman of the Municipality had been notified about the issue multiple times, but the problem has still not been resolved. Hence, the Ward's residents were compelled to stage protests to shed light on their plight. 


Ward Councillor Archana Ojha acknowledged the drinking water crisis and said that the Chairman of the Municipality is aware of the problem. She also said that the issue cannot be solved if the locals stop the Municipality workers from their work just to protest around them. 

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