Nine live bombs found in Cooch Behar’s Dinhata

Nine live bombs have been recovered by Dinhatta Police from a house in Petla Bazar area of 1 number block in Dinhata under Cooch Behar district. People in the area are terrified after this incident.

These bombs were recovered by the police from an empty house today. The Police estimate that someone from outside must have left these bombs in this house.

The whole incident is being investigated by the police. According to the information, a house in Petla market area is occupied by an old woman and man. There is a house in which wood is kept near the house. A bag was found in that house, which contained live bombs.

After receiving the news, Dinhata police reached the spot and recovered the bombs. It should be known that even earlier bombs were found in the Petla market area. At that time, two children were injured while playing mistaking the bomb for a ball.

Before the panchayat elections, incidents of bomb blasts are taking place in the area. Now again, after receiving news of recovering bomb, sensation has spread in the area.

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