New Block President appointed in Town block no. 3

Siliguri, 10th October: In a press conference held, today, at the Darjeeling District Trinamool Congress office, District President Ranjan Sarkar informed that Jaydeep Nandi was removed from the post of TMC President of the Siliguri Town block no. 3 and Dulal Dutta has been appointed as the new President.

He stated that the decision was made to strengthen the party. Dulal Dutta has been appointed to commence various developmental activities for the people.

Meanwhile, Jaydeep Nandi stated that he was the first to begin a booth-based conference in Darjeeling district and he is clueless why those comments were being made against him. He further stated that although he still belongs to TMC, he would willingly change the party on the basis of the demands of common people.

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