Nepali Fusion Music bags award in International Music Competition

Siliguri, 1st August: ‘Ae Yodha Ho!’ (O Warriors!)- the Nepali Fusion Music, composed by a Nepali-speaking Bhutanese Australian Musician, Kiran, received a silver medal at the International Music Competition Global Music Awards. Out of thousands of music composers from 72 countries, Kiran’s Nepali Fusion Music was chosen to be the best. Kiran won the silver medal for the World Rock Fusion and Music Composition during a result declaration which was recently concluded.

The Music received 5 stars from the judges and also bagged the title of ‘Excellent Creation’ in the International Music Competition which was held abroad. After receiving the title, Kiran said “For me, a Nepali Fusion Music getting nominated at the International Music Competition is a big thing, but getting recognition in two International Music Competitions is a big achievement. I, being from a Nepali-speaking community, am looking for an opportunity to excel in the field of music and be recognised worldwide.” Kiran’s Fusion Music, ‘Ae Yodha Ho!’ (O Warriors!)- is very different from the traditional Nepali music. Bhutanese American Mukti Gurung, shared that Kiran beautifully presented a simple poem dedicated to Nepali language through a fusion of Eastern and Western music. The tune of the flute, madal, harmonium and tabla, reflect the Nepali and the Eastern culture.

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