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Neighbour charged with assaulting pregnant woman in Siliguri

Allegations of assaulting a pregnant woman has come up in Siliguri. Siliguri Metropolitan Police is investigating the incident.

It is known that a pregnant woman named Ruma Basak, a resident of No. 7 ward under Khalpara Chauki area of ​​Siliguri, has accused her neighbour of beating her up. The incident took place on Friday night.

In connection with this incident, the family members of the victim have filed a complaint in the police station. Based on the complaint, Khalpada Police is investigating the incident.

At present, the woman is undergoing treatment in Siliguri District Hospital. It is known that on Friday night, the said pregnant housewife named Ruma Basak had gone to a local shop. It is charged that a person started abusing her. After this, the woman told her family members about the whole incident. It is alleged that the accused shortly after the incident visited the woman’s house in the night and started beating her up.

At the same time it is stated that the accused repeatedly kicked the housewife in her stomach, due to which she became unwell and was admitted to Siliguri district hospital.

However, the accused Sushil Ghosh has alleged that Ruma Basak and her family members had beaten him.

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