Nashya Shaikh Unnayan Parishad demonstrate outside Jalpaiguri's DM office

Jalpaiguri, 21st October: Thousands of members of the Nashya Shaikh Unnayan Parishad indulged in a protest in front of the office of the District Magistrate, under the leadership of the Jalpaiguri District Committee of the Nashya Shaikh Unnayan Parishad in view of the NRC terror.

Bajle Rahman, Chairman of the Central Committee of the Nashya Shaikh Unnayan Parishad, stated that proper safety from NRC has been demanded from the government.

The people have demanded that the documents related to their land which is with the state government, should be provided at the block and zone level. These people also demanded the inclusion of the Kamtapur language in schools at the primary level from the next education session.

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