Minors lured and raped, accused mass-assaulted

A man has been accused of luring young girls with work from the village and then raping them. This incident took place in Binnagudi Hatkhola area of ​​Jalpaiguri district. The accused has been named Mohammad Bakkar. After the incident came to light, the locals grabbed the accused and started beating him massively.

It has been known that for a long time, the said person was running a chicken meat shop near the SAARC road in Hatkhola area of ​​Binnagudi. It is alleged that he used to lure the girls of the area and then rape them. It is alleged that this person used to take the girls on his bycycle to different places and then rape them. Later he used to give them Rs 5-10 in their hands.

When people in the area came to know about the incident, then the locals grabbed the accused and started beating him up. On the other hand, after getting information about the incident, the Bannerhat police reached the spot and detained the accused.

At the same time, the accused said that he is physically ill. People have misinterpreted him. Bannerhat Police Chief Vipul Sinha said that no complaints have been lodged in this regard so far in the police station. The police is investigating the incident by questioning the accused.

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