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Minors from Sikkim trafficked; alleged Noida couple arrested

A couple were arrested from Noida on Sunday for allegedly abducting and attempting to sell two minor girls from Sikkim. According to Sikkim Police, which is investigating the case, the accused couple Shabir and Nagma befriended the girls over social media.

Based on the parents’ complaint at the Rangpo Police Station in Sikkim, the state police reached out to their Noida colleagues for help. “We had asked the Noida police to trace the girls. The girls were allowed to call their parents, and using this we were able to trace their location,” said a Sikkim Police officer. The rescue took place with FXB Suraksha —the organisation that runs the Centre’s childline in Noida.

The girls, aged 13 and 14, were traced after police received a tip-off, Circle Officer Arun Kumar Singh said. “The girls told us that the two were met by Shabir and Nagma (the arrested couple) at Ghaziabad Railway station. After that they moved to Ghazipur Railway station, where they stayed for a day and were then taken elsewhere,” the police officer said.

The 14-year-old girl, whose parents had complained to the Sikkim Police, said: “During the train journey, different people troubled us and Nagma didn’t defend us. Afterwards, they took our birth certificate and Aadhar card and forcibly kept us in a house.”

Police said the couple would rent small homes in the slums of Noida. In this case, they stayed at a rented house in Tigir village, owned by a person named Sonu.

“Sonu showed the girls pornographic images, threatened them, used abusive language and attempted to molest them. He told them to keep their room door open at night and promised them gifts. But the two managed to keep their doors closed and haven’t reported any sexual assault,” said a police officer.

Meanwhile, the couple already had a “buyer” for the two, police said. “The girls said the man, who they met later, had claimed to be a former Army personnel,” said the officer.

With the help of Noida police, the Sikkim police has arrested Shabir and Nagma. The arrested couple have exposed the larger network of a trafficking route, where girls from the north-east would be abducted to be sold in NCR.

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