Minor 's marriage prevented by prompt action taken by child line members

Due to the prompt action by the Police, local administration and child line members, the marriage of a minor was prevented in the Haldibari area of ​​Kumaragram in Alipurduar District.

It is known that the marriage of the said minor was decided with a young man of the Singimari area under Tufanganj-2 number block. The minor's age was 17 years.

When the news of this incident came to light, Alipurduar Child Line's Kumaragram Sub-Center team leader Manojkumar Rai, Kumaragram police station officer Anil Vishwakarma, representative of Kumaragram block administration, Elambar Rai reached the spot.

The police, administration and child line members advised the minor's parents and prevented the marriage. It is reported that the parents of the minor have given a written letter that they will marry her only after their daughter is 18 years old.

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