Minor from Delhi dies mysteriously in Lataguri resort, District administration engages in investigation

The investigation on the death of a minor has started on a serious note after she died drowning in the swimming pool of a resort in Lataguri. The news is that a team is investigating the whole incident. The members of the team are looking into every detail carefully to find out the reasons for the death of minor.

It is known that on Sunday, an 8-year-old girl named Garvita Patwari was killed after drowning in the swimming pool of a renowned resort in Lataguri. This child was a resident of Delhi who had come to Lataguri to attend a marriage ceremony with her parents. This incident happened in Lataguri with her. It has been known that there were many more people in the swimming pool on Sunday with Garvita.

Even after a considerable time had passed, when there was no news of Garvita, then the search was started to find her. At about three o’clock in the afternoon, she was found in the swimming pool. After this, she was immediately taken to Maynaguri hospital, where the doctors declared her dead.

After the incident, there are questions raised about the security arrangements in the said private resort. State Tourism Minister Gautam Deb has assured the full investigation of the entire incident.

On the other hand, the Tourism Advisory Board of Jalpaiguri district administration has also started investigating the incident. A delegation of the Board visited Lataguri’s said private resort on Tuesday. Swimming pool papers were seen. It is known that the report given by the delegation will be sent to the State Tourism

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