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Mental person says shocking words that stuns Siliguri Police

Today there was an unusual incident that occurred with the Siliguri police on duty. On Saturday morning, an unclaimed vehicle had created mystery in Siliguri district hospital. Siliguri Police arrived at the hospital to take that vehicle to police station.

While inspecting the vehicle, suddenly one person saw the police and approached them, introduced himself and said that he was from the crime branch. After hearing this, the police personnel got stunned. Then the person said the same to the media. The representatives of the media asked the person where his office is? In response, the person said that he forgot to bring some card of his. Soon after that the person started calling himself a civic volunteer. After this the police personnel came forward and asked him about the batch number, police station, etc.

During the interrogation, a hospital worker arrived suddenly and said that ‘Sir he is a mental patient’. Soon after hearing this, the police personnel who were scared till now, went away and started laughing. On the other hand, the family members of the patients standing in the hospital began to laugh seeing this act.

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