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Meeting of Congress to be organised in Chopra tomorrow

In the protest against the incident of killing two Congress workers in Chopra, a meeting will be organized on Saturday by the state Congress using the slogan “Remove Trinamool Congress, Save Bengal”. This meeting will be addressed by the newly appointed Congress President, Somen Mitr.

Darjeeling District Congress President and MLA Shankar Malikar said this through a press conference held in Vidhan Bhavan, Hillcart Road on Friday. He said that in the matter of the death of two Congress workers in Chopra, the police has not been able to arrest the original accused so far. He said that on one hand the Chief Minister of the state has assured compensation on the people dying in the neighboring state, whereas on the other hand, no declaration of any compensation has been made for two people killed in their own province.

He also said that the state Congress has called for an agitation against such activities of the state government.
Shri Malakar said that the task of “Remove Trinamool Congress, Save Bengal”, has been called tomorrow in which several well-known leaders of the state Congress will be present.