Meeting held regarding the bonus of hill’s tea workers fails

Darjeeling, 31st August: The meeting called by the Darjeeling Tea Association on Friday for the tea plantation workers, concluded with utter failure. The meeting was called for the discussions related to Durga Puja Bonus, but no decision reached the climax, as per the disagreement between the owner side and labor organization.

On one hand, the owner side stated that this year, only 8.33 % Pooja bonus will be allocated for the tea workers, due to various problems and lack of production. However, on the other hand, the Tea Workers Organization stated that they will not accept the puja bonus if the sum is less than 20%of the wages.

The Tea Worker Organisation warned that if they received a puja bonus of less than 20% of the wages, then the festive would not be celebrated in the hills this year. Instead, it would be replaced with a movement.

JB Tamang, President of the GJMM Binay Fraction Workers Association, said that in this three-hour meeting, there was no consensus between the owner’s side and the trade union about the bonus. However, after few days DTA is said to hold a meeting.

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