Mayor runs a campaign for dengue awareness

Siliguri, 10th August (Sanjay Malakar): Mayor Ashok Bhattacharya actively participated in a campaign to spread awareness regarding the harmful effects of mosquito-borne tropical disease, dengue. In this regard, the Mayor started campaigning from his ward itself, on Saturday. It is to be noted that the Siliguri Municipal Corporation has earmarked the month of August for the emergence of dengue as, during this month, people suffer from many mosquito-borne diseases.

This is the reason why the emphasis is being laid on awareness of dengue particularly in this month. The awareness program was organized in Ward No. 6 of the Siliguri Municipal Corporation today. The campaign especially targeted students of the area. Leaflets were also distributed among the residents of the ward. Also, disinfectant and sanitizing products were sprayed in the area.

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