Mayor and Borough-III Chairman inspected Siliguri's dengue affected wards

Siliguri, 14th November: Siliguri Mayor, Ashok Bhattacharya, inspected various wards of the city, today. After noticing the condition of the Fuleswari river attached to the Subhashpalli market in Ward No. 21, the Mayor instructed the cleaning of the river soon.

Meanwhile, Borough-III Chairman, Nikhil Sahani, also inspected the dengue affected Ward No. 19 and 21 along with the Municipal employees. Along with the inspection of the area, the staff members cleaned the drains. Meanwhile, since the Mayor and the Borough Chairman inspected the Wards at the same time, Nikhil Sahani stated he believes in doing work, together. However, to prevent dengue, he requested everyone to work together as well.

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