Matigara-2 number Gram Panchayat CPM member Chandrakala Mehra joins Trinamool

Matigara-2 number CPM member Chandrakala Mehra of Gram Panchayat joined the Trinamool Congress on Monday. Tourism Minister of the state, Gautam Deb, gave the flag of the party to the new member and welcomed her to the party.

Another woman too joined along with Chandrakala Mehra the Trinamool Congress. On this occasion Minister Gautam Deb said that after Chandrakala Mehra joined the Trinamool Congress, the total number of Trinamool Congress members in Matigara-2 Gram Panchayat has gone up to 16, while the others are 8.

He said that the strength of the Trinamool Congress has increased in Matigada-2 number Gram Panchayat.

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