This Man Has Been Painting CM Mamata's Portraits Since The Last 33 Years

A man has been painting the portraits of the state's Chief Minister, Mamata Banerjee, since the last 33 years. The painter, Ansar Rahman, is a 53-years old resident of Bou Bazaar in Shantinagar, Siliguri.

As per sources, Rahman used to live in Tollygunge and he came to Siliguri in 1990. He is said to be a dedicated follower of the Chief Minister. Rahman has been collecting her pictures since the year 1984.

Rahman has decorated the portraits in every corner of his room. His wife, Archana Rahman, also helps him in his work. Sources shared that he has not met the Mamata Banerjee ever since she became the Chief Minister.

Rahman keeps the portraits that he paints of the Chief Minister. He also said that he admires Mamata Banerjee's paintings.

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