Man loses Rs 45,000 in ATM fraud

Siliguri, 22nd September: While the digital world has made people's lives much easier, cases of online fraud and hacking also tend to come up quite often. A similar case came to light in the city of Siliguri yesterday.
Jayaprakash Gupta, a resident of Washim, Maharashtra, usually visits Siliguri in connection with his business. He has a bank account with Axis Bank. As per the information, yesterday around 9:30 am, Jayaprakash withdrew Rs 500 from Fulbari ATM of Axis Bank. After this, at around noon Jayaprakash started receiving messages from the bank regarding the withdrawal of money from his bank account. 4 times 10,000 rupees and 1 time 5,000 rupees were withdrawn from Jayaprakash Gupta's account. A total of Rs 45,000 was withdrawn from his account.
The money was withdrawn from an ATM located near Jalpaiguri Hospital More. In this regard, Jaiprakash Gupta complained Siliguri Cybercrime Police Station. In the FIR registered, Jayaprakash said that he had his ATM card with him and he did not reveal the PIN code to anyone.
Now the question arises that no more than 40,000 funds can be withdrawn from an ATM in a day, so how was Rs 45,000 withdrawn from Jayaprakash Gupta's account? Further details awaited.

One thought on “Man loses Rs 45,000 in ATM fraud

  1. Bhaskar Dutta. says:

    This is very painful to state that Siliguri police is really busy with so many problems daily specially in puja season but on the top of that a small problem became un tolerable for the senior citizens for the unbearable sound pollution due to motorcycles used silencer pipe.
    Siliguri police started their venture through the dealers of Motorbike companies but everything gone in vain.
    My request on behalf of all the citizens of the siliguri to the proper authority to stop the pollution immediately.

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