Malda: Wife Objects To Husband's Affairs, Husband Slashes Her Gullet

A man attempted to kill his wife by slashing her gullet, i.e., the food pipe, because she objected to his extra-marital affair. The incident took place in the Chanchal locality of Malda. 

The neighbours rushed to the scene when they heard the 19-years old victim, Rahima Bibi, screaming. The husband, Rajesh Ali, fled within seconds of committing the crime.

According to her family, Rahima married Rajesh Ali around three months back. Problems started brewing between the couple just a few days after the wedding; since Rahima got to know that her husband had been seeing another woman. 

On Wednesday morning, a fight erupted between the husband and wife over the same issue. In a fit of rage, Rajesh dragged his wife to a mango grove that was located nearby and slashed Rahima's gullet. He then ran off and left his wife to die.

Rahima Bibi is currently undergoing treatment at the Chanchal Hospital. Her family has filed a complaint against Rajesh and the police has started the investigation of the case.

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