Madan Mohan Temple prep for Lakkhi Puja

Cooch Behar, 12th October: As soon as the Durga Puja concluded, the Cooch Behar residents have become busy with Lakshmi (Lakkhi) Puja. The Mahalakshmi puja will be conducted on Sunday in the Kantha Mia temple of the Cooch Behar Madan Mohan temple premises. Preparations are in full swing in the Madan Mohan temple for the puja of 400 years old Mahalakshmi which has been conducted since the age of the Cooch Behar Maharaja.

During this occasion, Lord Indra Dev is also worshiped along with Mahalakshmi. The puja is conducted by Rajpurohit Hirendra Nath Bhattacharya under the custom of Maharaja's time. Since the age of the king, the members of the painter's family, Prabhat painters, have been constructing the idol of Mahalakshmi for the last 23 years.

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