Lover uses MMS to blackmail girl

A guy, named Subham Sarkar, has been accused of blackmailing a girl, after being involved in a sexual relationship with her. The victim claims the accused of recording the entire sexual activity. On 11th May, on behalf of the girl’s family, a case was filed against the accused in NJP police station, but he was still not arrested.

According to the girl, she met the accused on her friend’s birthday, and they both fell in love. The accused, later, asked her to meet him somewhere private claiming that his parents wanted to meet her. When she went to meet him, they were involved in a sexual encounter which was recorded by the accused. He has been blackmailing her since.

The in-charge of NJP Police Station, Anivarn Bhattacharya, was apprised of the situation by a correspondant of Siliguri Times, Sachin Kumar, who now, have decided to arrest the accused.

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