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Lorry Collision Kills One & Injures Another In Karandighi

A man died and another man was injured when two lorries collided with each other on NH 34 of Pichhla, Karandighi. The deceased has been recognized as Baul Pal, a jaggery merchant by profession.

Sources shared that on Tuesday night, one of the lorry had been parked in the area and some manual labourers were unloading the sacks of jaggery from it. The other lorry crashed into the vehicle causing the conductor to be injured while Pal was stuck in the vehicle.

Pal was rescued and admitted to the Karandighi Rural Hospital. From there he was referred to the Raiganj Sadar Hospital after his condition deteriorated.

Baul Pal passed away soon after he was admitted to the Raiganj Sadar Hospital. The police reached the accident site on being informed and seized the lorry. The body has been sent for the post-mortem report.

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