Locals Protest In Coochbehar, Demand Installation Of Water Pipe Line

The local residents of Ward-8 started a protest by blocking the road in Maa Bhawani Chauraha of Coochbehar demanding to install the pipe line of drinking water in the area.

Despite the Trinamool Congress ruling the Municipality at present, the TMC Councillor of Ward-8, Archana Ojha, was also seen in the protest. The Coochbehar Kotwali Police reached the site on being informed and tried to control the situation, but failed to do so.

The locals alleged that they have been suffering water crisis since the last four months. The Municipality’s Chairman, Bhushan Singh, had been informed about the problem but no action has been taken so far.

At last, the people were forced to protest which continued for three hours. The people were facing difficulty due to the traffic jam that occurred because of the protest.

The situation stabilized soon after Bhushan Singh arrived at the scene and assured to resolve the issue. He shared that the Natun Pally residents have been facing shortage of drinking water.

The water pipe line will be installed by the Municipality and water tankers will also be made available. The Chairman further added that Archana Ojha participated in the protest as a resident of the area.

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