Lawyer arrested in Siliguri for Bank Fraud

An advocate has been arrested in Siliguri for allegedly sanctioning a loan of 10 crores from the bank by committing a fraud.

The arrested lawyer has been named as Utpal Chakraborty and he is said to be a resident of the West Bhaktinagar area of ​​Siliguri's 34 number Ward.

It is alleged that Utpal Chakraborty had given a fake search report to the bank management to get loan for many people from a bank located on Sevoke road.

Meanwhile, after getting the loan, those customers stopped giving monthly installments to the bank, thereby causing doubt to the bank management.

After this, a complaint was made to the police, on the basis of which a secret branch of the police arrested Utpal Chakraborty.

On Tuesday, the accused was presented in the Siliguri court, where the Judge directed the police to take him on a 12-day remand. The police is investigating the incident.

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