Land Rovers Not Allowed On Roads Of Darjeeling's Sandakphu & Manebhanjyang

As famous as the toy train is for the hills' tourism, the historical land rovers have their own fan-following too. These land rovers are basically spotted in Darjeeling's Sandakphu and Manebhanjyang. 

The land rovers are a favourite among the tourists when they visit the hills. Recently, however, the administration has decided that the vehicle will not be allowed to ply on the mountain roads, but Mall in Darjeeling and Mirik will still have the land rovers on their roads.

The District Magistrate of Darjeeling, Joyoshi Dasgupta shared that the land rover owners will receive subsidies through the Gatidhara Yojana. Moreover, Boleros will now ply on the roads where land rovers used to till now. 

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