Kirtan Seva Parivaar donates dried cowdung making machine

The Kirtan Seva Parivaar Siliguri has provided a mechanism to make dried cowdung to Darjeeling Siliguri Gaushala. It is worth mentioning that on July 9, it was initiated to perform the last rites of a person in the city using dried cowdung instead of wood.

After the success of this initiative, people have started adopting the use of cowdung in the funeral. In view of this, members of the Kirtan Seva Parivaar donated this machine to Darjeeling Siliguri Gaushala from Babapara Gaushala Prangan ordered especially from Patiala.

According to the information, due to this machine being automatic, it will facilitate the making of cow dung and also the cow dung in the cowshed will be consumed properly.

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