Kerosene oil thrown at Police in Siliguri

There was a lot of tension seen at the rally organised today by the Left front members.

The leaders of the Left Front has been charged with throwing kerosene oil on the police.

On Monday evening, rally was held in protest against the death of students in Islampur on behalf of the Left Front on Hillcart Road of Siliguri.

It is said that during the rally, suddenly there was a clash between the leaders and activists of the Left Front and the police. It is alleged that kerosene oil was thrown at some police personnel. After this the rally was completed after reaching the party office and the police were deployed outside the party office. Police sources said that the accused can be arrested.

On the other hand, the Left leaders and Siliguri's Mayor Ashok Bhattacharya are concerned about the whole incident, and said that the police have attacked women activists. He said that there was no attack made on police, and baseless allegations were being made.

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