Kawakhali submerged under water; residents facing problems

Siliguri, 13th July (Bappa Ghosh)

A main road in the Kawakhali area near Asian Highway 31 under Matigara-I Gram Panchayat in Siliguri has completely submerged under water due to continuous downpour.

According to sources, a total amount of Rupees 2,90,658 was invested in the construction of the road from 2017-2018. Due to the continuous rainfall since the past three days, the entire road has completely submerged under water. The local residents are facing lots of problems because of this.

The local residents stated that the Panchayat Pradhan of Kawakhali provided no solutions even after receiving information about the situation. They also mentioned that the administration has paid no heed even though the residents are facing issues because of a poor drainage system in the area.

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