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Islampur Bypass: Farmers & Administration’s Team Clash Yet Again

Over the issue of the bypass in Islampur’s NH 31 in the North-East Corridor, the farmers and the administration’s team came face to face once again today; causing the construction work to be halted yet another time. 

After the clash in Telibhitta and Dimmula Adivasipara, the clash that raged in Siyaltola today forced the administration to take a step back and postpone the work.

Chaos spread in the area because the farmers came in front of the JCB machine and staged a protest. Before this, the farmers had also protested in Siyaltola, Sonakhoda and Telibhitta; causing the work to be halted that time too. The administration, however, is determined to construct the bypass till 200 metres.

The Deputy Magistrate of Islampur Sub-Division, Thendup Sherpa, said that the issue will be resolved at the earliest. 

“The farmers whose lands will be used in the bypass will be paid and compensated. If any farmer loses a lot of land, the individual will be paid suitably,” Deputy Magistrate Thendup Sherpa said.