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Irrfan Khan in Gangtok!

An untitled film Irrfan Khan is working on is being filmed in Gangtok currently.

The film is said to be a romantic travelogue which is reportedly claimed to have a new look for Irrfan. Despite not really being an active filming zone for the Bollywood industry, Gangtok welcomed Irrfan and the team with a stunning crowd, which took the cast by surprise.

The people who embraced him and had gathered for Irrfan when he had arrived, and they knew about his contribution to the film industry globally. Although Bollywood films aren’t much accessible in the region yet the crowd was enthusiastic and pleasing.

They had been waiting for him, to just have a glance, clearly indicating that Irrfan has been really influencing people worldwide with his skills and passion on screen and off-screen and there is no place where his work hasn’t reached out to.

Irrfan was tongue-tied when he was welcomed by such an amusing crowd. He said,  ”The welcome in Gangtok was fantastic. In a place where access to movies are very limited and then to see such response was great. Much like the place, the people of Gangtok are wonderful and beautiful.”

The movie is directed by Tanuja Chandra. The shoots have been wrapped up at Rewari, Bikaner and Hrishikesh and has now moved over to Gangtok, later on to finally arrive in Mumbai and complete the shoots by the month’s end.


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