Infant loses life after medical treatment ignored in North Bengal Medical College-Hospital

An infant has, reportedly, lost his life as medical assistance was not provided to him in the North Bengal Medical College-Hospital. The father of the deceased, Karma Mahali, alleged that his child died due to lack of treatment.

Karma Mahali, a resident of Duars, Chalsa, had admitted his infant of one year at the North Bengal Medical College-Hospital for treatment on Sunday night at eleven. Nurses of the Medical Department of the Medical College advised Karma Mahali to take his child out of the city.  Since Karma Mahali had no means to travel in the middle of the night, he entrusted his child’s life with North Bengal Medical College-Hospital and admitted his child.  

When Karma Mahali came to visit his son, on Monday morning, he found out that his child had died. Karma Mahali was told that the child had died before the doctors arrived at the hospital, in the morning.

Meanwhile, Karma Mahali has accused that his child died due to lack of medical assistance.

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