Indian Railway Board Chairman To Visit Siliguri For DHR's Review

The Chairman of the Indian Railway board will be arriving in Siliguri for reviewing the Darjeeling Himalyan Railways (DHR) on Friday.

The Chairman, Ashwini Lohani, will head towards Darjeeling in the toy train and will stay for two days there to attend a meeting with the officials of DHR. As per sources, he will return to Siliguri on Saturday.

The Darjeeling Himlayan Railways had suffered huge losses due to the movement in the hills last year. The Sonada station as well as the Gayabari station had been set ablaze in the revived Gorkhaland protests.

Ashwini Lohani will take stock of the current situation of the stations. Moreover, a meeting will also be held to discuss about the development of the toy train. The Chairman may also speak with the press on Friday.

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