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Inauguration of Shishu Malanch park at Fulbari

Shishu Malanch Park was inaugurated in Fulbari of Siliguri. The park was inaugurated by the State Tourism Minister Gautam Deb, at 11 o’clock in the morning. During this period, Fulbari-1 number Gram Panchayat Pradhan Tapan Singh, Trinamool Congress president Gautam Goswami of Dabgram-Fulbari area and Trinamool Congress President Mohammad Aahid of Fulbadi-1 number Gram Panchayat etc. were present at the occasion.

It should be known that Fulbari -1 Number Gram Panchayt’s head Tapan Singh had started the effort to build this park. After this the park was built at a cost of Rs 12 lakhs. In this park where entertainment arrangements have been made for the children on one hand, there is a seating arrangement for adults and a reservoir for fish.

Today, Tourism Minister Gautam Deb said that for the first time personal efforts have been put to set up a park for children in any Gram Panchayat in Bengal. This is a commendable effort.

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