Illegal Firearms Business Caught In Coochbehar, Three Arrested

Three people have been arrested by the Coochbehar District Police over the charges of them running an illegal firearms business. In this case, the police has recovered ten firearms in the last three months. 

Today, the Coochbehar District Police Superintendent called a press conference where it was revealed that two people named Prabhakar Das and Jainur Rehman had been arrested from the Terangi More of Balrampur, Coochbehar after the police's sources had tipped off about the duo.

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During the time, the police had found three firearms in the men's possession. Prabhakar Das and Jainur Rehman were sentenced to remand and in the interrogation, they told the police about their accomplice, Narayan Barman.

Last night, Narayan Barman was caught by the police from the Kalibari More locality of Coochbehar's Toofanganj with two guns with him. Later, the police recovered three 7.65 guns, a shutter gun, a 9mm pistol, eight bullets and two rounds of cartridges. 

District Police Superintendent Bholanath Pandey stated that the firearms and ammunition were meant to be sold off by the arrested men.

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