Illegal bus stand behind Baghajatin Park, people in dismay

For many days, government buses are being parked illegally behind Baghajatin Park in Siliguri city. This has completely transformed the area into a temporary bus station, causing local people to face many problems.

It has been learned that Siliguri Municipal Corporation was ready three months ago to remove this temporary bus stand. For this, assistance was also sought from Siliguri traffic police, but this illegal bus stand could not be removed from behind Baghajatin Park till now.

When asked about the matter to Deputy Mayor Ram Bhajan Mahato, he said that for a long time, traffic jams have become a major problem in Siliguri and the root cause of this problem is illegal parking. To eliminate the illegal parking from the root, the assistance was also sought from Siliguri traffic police to stop the parking of buses behind the Baghajatin Park area, but no help was received from the municipal corporation. He said that the budget of the Siliguri Municipal Corporation is going to arrive in a few days. After this, once again this matter will be negotiated with Siliguri traffic police and efforts will be made to prevent illegal parking.

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