Hotel staff in Siliguri wins 51 lakhs lottery

Whenever the giver gives, he gives in abundance. If the luck has to shine bright, then it will shine bright. One such thing happened with an employee working in a small hotel in Siliguri.

Lakhan Sarkar, who works in a hotel in Siliguri became Lakhpati. Babu Das won a lottery of 51 lakhs. Since this news was declared, he and his loved ones happiness knew no bounds.

It is known that in the morning, Lakhan Sarkar had bought a lottery for the first time and coincidentally he won the reward of lottery. He is seen celebrating with great enthusiasm since the morning in the hotel in which he works.

When Lakhan Sarkar was asked what he would do with Rs 51 lakhs, he said that he has lived in rented houses for many years so he will first buy a house and pay attention to the education of his children. Apart from this, he also wants to make donations in some old age homes.

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