GRP and Kumaratoli sculptors debate over the road

Siliguri, 9th November: After the road to the Kumaratoli and Durganagar between the GRP headquarters was closed, anger was seen among the people of the area.

The people of the area protested after the road was closed on October 18th. On November 4th, the Ward Councillor Parimal Mitra went to the area and controlled the situation. The Ward Councillor had assured that a 20-foot-long road would be built for the common people from the GRP headquarter grounds, but it has been alleged that the road construction work is being conducted on the lands of the houses of the local people.

So, a protest was staged by the people of the area, today. Also, the people of the area got into an argument with the GRP personnel in the evening. Upon receiving the news of the incident, the local Councillor rushed to the spot and controlled the situation. According to sources, the Councillor will hold a meeting with the GRP and the people of the area, tomorrow morning.

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