Gorkha Adivasi Rajbanshi United Front formed, many parties gathers and unites demanding different state

Gorkha, Adivasi and Rajbanshi organization will now fight together for the demand of a separate state. The name of this organization is Gorkha Adivasi Rajwanshi United Front. On Wednesday, a meeting was held on the occasion of India’s liberation day celebration in Ravindrabhavan of Cooch Behar, in which the organization’s President Rasika Chettri, leader of the Greater Cooch Behar People’s Association and member of the organization, Bhavesh Barman, along with many other members were present.

President of Gorkha Adivasi Rajwanshi Organisation, Rasika Chettri said that for a long time we have been demanding a separate state, but so far it has not been considered by the government. Accusing the state government, she said that the Chief Minister has been pursuing a policy like ” Put the foot and rule” and is not giving recognition to dynastic and tribal languages, but now all the parties will unite and demand for our rights.

In demand of a separate state, a memorandum will be given to the President, Prime Minister and the Home Minister and a candidate will be represented for the post from his organization in the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections. Greater leader Bhavesh Barman said that we have only one demand and that is a separate state. The government will have to meet our demand, otherwise a bigger movement will be done in the coming time.

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