Gold medalist Vishnu Raut disappointed due to neglect and favoritism

Siliguri, 9th November: The two Siliguri's athletes, Sourav Dutta and Vishnu Raut, made the whole city proud by securing the first position in the National Power Lifting Bench Press Championship. But one of the athletes feel neglected and a victim of favoritism. Since returning from the competition, Sourav Dutta, a resident of Ward No. 32 of Siliguri, was felicitated by the Mayor and Ministers. They assured him of all possible cooperation in the future. Meanwhile, no such wishes or assurance was presented to Vishnu Raut.

At the National Power Lifting Bench Press Championship held in Kashmir on November 4th and 5th, Sourav Dutta won the gold medal in the junior division and Vishnu Raut won the same in the senior division. Since then, Sourav has been getting praises and greetings and has been felicitated by the city's political leaders and other dignitaries. Vishnu Raut, a resident of Ward No. 33 of Siliguri, also made the entire Siliguri as well as the State of West Bengal proud with his dedication and hard work, yet his success has been invisible to the human eye.

Vishnu had hoped that the Ward Councillor would appreciate his success and bring it under the radar of the people, but that did not happen. The family members and the neighbors of Vishnu Raut are very happy with his success, but they are disappointed by the neglect and biased attitude towards him. Vishnu is going to participate in the international competition which is going to be held in America in April 2020. Siliguri Times wishes Vishnu Raut the best for his success in future endeavors.

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